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By Elephant is a creative digital agency based in Derry, Northern Ireland. We offer services in videography, photography, brand development, design and much more.
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Brand Development

We can accelerate the growth of your brand by publishing quality digital media across key impact dates on your timeline.

Audience Engagement

We've worked with our share of social media heavyweights and can identify what makes your audience tick.

Web / Graphic Design

Our in-house design team can assist you with; logos, flyers, banners, EPKs, websites, illustrations and cat memes.


Our in-house camera crew is 4K ready and coupled with state of the art editing capabilities. We don't do weddings though.


We'll photograph you or your products on-location or in studio. We still don't do weddings, but we know a guy.

Public Relations

We can help people see, listen and talk about your products and events. We compose press releases and deliver to media.



Janice McGarrigle
Creative Producer
Paul Brown
Creative Director
Stress Management

Our Story

By Elephant is a creative digital agency based in Derry, Northern Ireland. We develop innovative content and bespoke strategies to engage audiences. Our work includes; video production, photography, graphic design, web design, public relations, audience engagement and brand development.