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At By Elephant, we’re really excited about the propsect of working with Men’s Action Network on a brand new, state of the art website. Now, more than half of all web traffic is mobile. Interestingly, this trend is set to continue, with the Ericsson Mobility Report predicting a 25% increase in mobile traffic by 2025. With that in mind, we aim to create a website that works responsively on both desktop and mobile.

The average user spends no more than 15 seconds on a website. If you don’t grab their attention in a clear and concise way immediately, they will leave your website and you have lost their potential donation / service usage. With that in mind, we would focus on reducing the amount of text on your website dramatically (moving essential text into collapsable elements) so that a user can easily navigate via menus & sub-menus to find exactly what they’re looking for within seconds. This would allow you to keep funders logos present on your site but display the important info in a much clearer way.

The remainder could be accessed via downloadable content (PDFs, presentations etc.) with smaller, bite-size text on the site. This will not only improve user experience but greatly improve page speed. This is essential to rank higher in Google. Our website packages all come with SEO (search engine optimisation), 3 months complimentary maintenance and stock imagery for the relevant sections.

If you have any further questions, our next step would be to set up a video call to discuss the various elements including; colour palettes, essential features, technical details and the website transition. Your new website will be built on a separate development site and allow your current website to remain until you are happy to sign off and go live.

The total cost of the website design would be £800. Additionally, we would need to establish what hosting provider you are currently with in order to ensure it’s powerful enough to run a modern website. We will also require a 25% upfront deposit and the remainder upon completion of the project. Please note that all information within this project is strictly confidential as some sites are still in development pending final approval and content. Additionally, our prices have been tailored to allow for MAN NI’s charitable status and discounted accordingly.

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