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Social Media & Digital Marketing in Derry, Northern Ireland.

The Problem

We get it; your work, life, family, friends and trying to squeeze in a gym session takes up your every waking hour – you don’t have much free time to become a graphic designer, actor, filmmaker, photographer, web designer and marketer.

Just when your business finally got round to setting up an Instagram, they went and launched TikTok and what even is Threads, right?

With attention spans dwindling in a saturated sea of beige podcast content and recycled video, how do we get customers to stop and take notice? Much less, watch then go click a link to your website and actually buy something.

The Solution

Larger organisations usually hire us as an agency on retainer. New and emerging clients often benefit from our services as one-off projects.

We are now offering short-term, 12 week campaigns for new businesses to get off on the right foot with their digital marketing. You only get to make a first impression once, after all.

Packages include:

🔥 Brand Identity

📱 Web & Graphic Design

📷 Photography

🎬  Video Production

📣  Digital Marketing

Our Approach


your brand and how it’s currently performing.


a batch of stunning content for you, your business or product.


about your new content, optimised for social media.


as often as you require.

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